February 24, 2010

Original garment bought by Cynthia Nixon from "Sex in the the City"

I have been geeting several requests to post  a pic of the original garment that was purchased by Ms. Nixon,
You have to understand that is was from my 2006 Summer collection and at the images that i did have are locked up in a desktop computer that is no longer working (no power), I have asked around and it is possible to retrieve those images from the hard-drive, I just have to wait to get that done.
So my solution is to re-create the skirt and use the same materials as the original did, that way I have a replica of the garment for  a visual exchange with my blog readers and several other media outlets that have shown interest in covering this story.
So i put aside my current work and attempt to start this side project I am calling " The reproduction of the skirt bought by Cynthia Nixon from Sex in the City, to be shown to Patricia Fields"
I am pretty brave, but I am FREE and that's all I really needed to be.
the future is so bright .....I gotta wear protection.

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