July 25, 2009

On the cover of the Conexion:San Antonio,Texas.

Wow, I really did not see this coming when I was first approached, i just thought it would be a filler story and then to have Melissa Renteria,the writer of the article to come and tell in person, in a very calm manner, "oh you are on the cover" I really honestly was surprised and she caught my reaction of disbelief and laughed as I kept saying "are you serious?". She was very..and I was shocked in a good way. This publicity that raises the profile of local fashion in San Antonio is a"trailer"/tease of the awesome things to come for this community of fashionistas,as we connect daily with other talented designers at different levels in their careers and almost our duty as recognized designers to give an opportunity to the up-and-coming bunch of raw talent in San Antonio, giving these aspiring designers a realistic vision of the fashion industry and the dedicatio n and hard work that go along with this profession. I am honored to have been signaled out as a
Mexicano-americano-chicano gay designer in a very conservvtive town, they call San Antonio the Virgin City...i guess I know why

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