July 21, 2009

2 out of 3 ain't bad: "A conversation with Franco Mondini-Ruiz"

Tonight my friend, Franco Mondini-Ruiz was at the San Antonio Museum of Art in San Antonio,
in conversation with David S. Rubin of the museum, wow it was a standing room only after all the seats filled up in the huge auditorium , at I point I was kicked out or asked to leave as i was standing at the very back wall of the space next to the camera guy, like 5 of us standing there were told it was a fire hazard. I just exited one door and came around the other side and saw my friend Patricia who was volunteering at SAMA, she let me hide there for the remainder of the talk and Franco was so sweet and loving to his crowd, he packed them in..and he made me laugh
San Anto's true art hero, Franco has traveled the world promoting his hometown thru his artwork and his book HIGH PINK: Tex-mex Fairy Tale is a best-seller and it was great to celebrate one of our home-grown talents..
Plus I got to see some awesome movers and shaker's in the art world let's see... my dear friend Sandra Cisneros, David Zamora Casas,Terry Ybanez,Norman Avila,Bettie Ward,Chuck Ramirez,Kristy Perez,Felix Padron,Micheal Casey,Will Muniz,La Letty,Lisa Ortiz,Joan Fredrick,
Henry Stien,La Victoria,Jane Madrigal,Angelina Mata,Beto Gonzales,Lloyd Walsh,Kimberly Aubuchon,Arturo Alemeida.plus many more..Okay you get the idea....I did miss the after-party at the old Luigi's on San Pedro.
A Fabulous 1960's Dolce Vita style restaurant featuring Roman summer buffet.
And the 2009 edition of "art of fashion" is set to go in early October. As part of San Antonio"s First ever Fashion Week..exciting

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