August 16, 2008

I was on the Chicas Project Today, On Mun2.

The girls Yasmin and Crash were in town during Fiesta and filmed a segment with me helping
them find the right outfit for Cornyation, the girls were so much fun to work with and in the end they looked Stunning! I am also posting some behind the scenes images working with director Jim Mendiola, Faith Radle, John McBurney on hair and make-up, plus my personal assitant Mari, who did an amazing job with Crash and Yasmin, you can catch her as well in her national T.V.debut. sidenote: MUN2 is just not in spanish. so I think the next airing of it is This Sunday,
It's a bummer I don't have aTV but Jim did say he would get me a copy of the segment
How exciting!

Looking forward to seeing the CHICAS, come Fiesta 2009.


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