March 30, 2008

MY bags are packed...

and i am ready to go. The time has come again to trek to the cast call for Project Runway. 5.
Last year around this same time, I caught a flight to Chicago O'Hare with my friend Kimberly as support and to document my adventures and the procedures during this open casting call, held in 4 cities around the country.
I had my 25 page registration form/contract all filled out, I had my three required garments,
I had my newly put together portfollio of my creations, all in my mod vintage cloth suitcase, standing in line on Michigan Ave, near all the most famous designers stores, waiting with 400+ other aspiring designers, awaiting our time with THE PANEL, which consisted of Tim Gunn and other judges from past seasons of the reality show.
I Finally got to the panel around 4pm, having arrived in line around 8am, at the time though I
did not realize that I had made it through several screenings, they just keep moving me forward, to be in front of this panel meant something and at the time I was not nervous.
The Project Runway handlers prepped me and wired a live mic to my shirt and then just that easy and carefree here it was my turn. I must admit I had never seen an entire episode of the show, But I did Know the premise. but not the details.
Tim repeats " You have No hangers".
I said "no, who needs them", and proceeded to show the panel my designs hanger free. classic.
It seemed like a long time, at the time, But here I am in front of all these judges determining my fate, in a matter of minutes I know it will all be over as one of the judges shakes her head in disapproval this is the moment
THEN, Tim asked me to step out of the huge room because they were going to deliberate if I was to continue or not.
As I re-enter the room, I am asked several more questions like "What would you do if you won"
I answer and next words out of Tim Gunn's mouth is "CONGRATULATIONS, Your going to Hollywood"
I am Shocked! can't move.
Tim exclaims "Get Excited"!
I gather my garments and get handed a piece of paper that indicates what i have to do next.
so far only a dozen or so have made it this far in Chicago. and I was one of them.
As soon as I exited the room , I was bombarded with people and cameras and questions and just about everything I could not answer , I was in shock and I remember almost running away
from that crowd to get my focus on what had just happened. We Jumped into the first cab we saw on Michigan Ave,
as people were still following us to try to find out more about my expierence,
As soon as I landed on the backseat of that cab , Me and Kimmy looked at each other and started crying tears of JOY, the cabbie unaware of what I had just been through, asked if we were okay, I tried to explain but he said He did'nt know what i was talking about. Reality Television.
This time around,
Well I will just have to SEE.


Kristina Marie said...

ohmygosh agosto!!!!!
that's amazing!!!!!
ahhh I'm so excited for you!
good luck to the max!!!


chicagoRED said...

Hi! We met last night at Quartino's in Chicago. My friend Adam and I were helping w/ the PR auditions. It was great to meet you and I hope to see you on the show. I'll be watching.

:) Leslie


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