October 22, 2007

Advisory Board Meeting

I got a call from the good people at The International Academy of Design and Technology, a school that's based in Chicago, but early last year opened a Academy here in San Antonio,
that created alot of interest for it's fashion design program and I was fortunate enough to be
on the Advisory commitee that formed prior to the school's opening, Now the Director of education, Sandra Torres and her staff are ready to evaluate the progress and snags the departments have encountered and share their thoughts and ideas for the future,
As well as input and suggestions from the commitee,That's where i came in...
Having wanted to produce a showcase of emerging designers , the school provided a
large resource of aspiring designers at various levels of expierence.
I found raw talent and sent out a call for entries for a student showcase with me at the producing end.
the response was overwelming and it seemed every student wanted to participate in this
"real world" event outside of textbooks and cirrriculum.
I saw it as a chance for the students to be part of all the commotion and tiring work, before and during the runway show, I saw it as a
sort of hands-on , D.I.Y. ( do it yourself) field trip....
where they were responsible for selecting
the models, the music and the look they were presenting,
plus creating their own garments
a limit of 5 pieces or looks.
I have recieved the school's blessing in a way
but still heard rumblings from instuctors
that the students were not ready and were in turn
neglecting their assignments and missing classes
because of their invlovement in this after-school project
At first i felt really responsible and felt i needed to correct it and possibly cancel the student show that has been set for NOV.17, 2007.
As word reach the students involved, they reacted quickly by
addressing the issues with teachers, staff and finally the Director.
they were not backing down, they wanted this showcase to not be taken away
and voicing their opinion to anyone who would listen.
I was told they would Revolt!
For Fashion!
my heart just skipped
Passion is Alive.
I have since learned that the school was never intending to force anything
but just wanted to know more deatils of the event and how it affected their
students enrolled at heir campus.
that Meeting takes place this Thursday at I.A.D.T.
I recall i am still on the Advisory Board for the school
that may change after the meeting or NOT?


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