July 7, 2014

"Work it" with Goodwill: Up Cycle caftan into Kimono/robe paired with Denim cut offs.

Dior Couture 2014

Dior Couture 
Dior. Couture 
Wanted to create a look similar to the runway looks from Dior, also wante it to fell fresh and southwest inspired so I Found this dress from India that seemed small , once I cut off the sleeves it gave it more arm 
room, plus I made the arm holes larger on both sides for a better fit and a more loose casual feel.
Proceeded to cut the garment straight down the middle, being that this piece had embroidery 
I had no problem with fraying once I pinned the edges down for the seams.

After I had removed the sleeves and cut the entire length of the dress. I seamed all the edges and arm holes to create the kimono/robe hot off the runway, that can be paired in different looks for a day to night transformation.
Paired up with cutoff denim shorts that I distressed a bit by running the sharp end of the scissors
At the cut frayed end of the shorts, paired up with a vintage style light cotton tee supplied by the Friendly Spot Ice House in Southtown 
The  repurposed  jeans shorts were cut by an inch , all the original labels were removed, except for the 
Buttons and one belt loop was cut out for indentifying purposes.
Kenzo 2015

project number two.
Wanted to create the same feeling as the previous piece
Just wanted it to be larger and longer for a more dramatic touch

Found this large one piece poncho robe dress with some interesting details and motifs.
I proceeded to 
CUT straight down the middle of the garment and pinned the amount I wanted to sew
I wanted it to be more open in the front , so I pinned and sewed it closer to the sides

Paired up with this animal empire sheath dress/top, The look creates a night time
Pizazz for the fashion conscious gals,,who love to fell the flair.
This polyester see thru dress was a sweet find..all items are resourced from Goodwill.."Work It"
Paired with a bikini top and shorts, this makes a great over dress.
The afternoon getaway. The San Antonio heat is on, this look will turn up the heat, 
While keeping you in the coolest of shades.
All the looks were resorced from Goodwill San Antonio
helping people ...helping lives.
Rock On ReImagine the ways.
Till next post..

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