July 24, 2014

Food made by Me.

Doritos infused olive/pineapple Chicken Salad

Boil the water. Then add the boneless chicken.
Cut the celery into small fine pieces, save a few stalks for later, for presentation.
Dice the onion..fine...some tears ...worth it at the end.
Celery chopped up.
Pimento olives finely diced 
I use Goya Manzanilla spansh olives and Helmann's mayonnaise on this Lunes(Monday).
Breast of chicken two chickens. White only....no bones about it.

Finely chopped and then rechopped
 Gently put in bowl...ready to mix
Two hard boiled eggs peeled and chopped add to the mix
Add it all together and mix well.. I say Mix Well.

Added crushed pineapple pieces to add a sweetness plus garlic salt. Ha.
For the ting and tart I crushed up half a bag of Doritos Cool Ranch. And added to taste.
Proceeded to make sandwiches into small squares for easy consumption in the shape of a birthday 
Cake. It was my friends birthday gathering , I brought this to David.

Then also made a salad that could be put into the refrigerator for later consumption
And this is the way it goes by adding a few stalks of celery to the bottom of the your presenting salad bowl for uplifting taste.
Salt and pepper to taste.
Enjoy with some sparkling Texas ice tea from the sun!

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