April 17, 2014

Want to Win a FIESTA 2014 Goodwill medal?

How can you win it?
Visit one of our Goodwill stores in San Antonio, Snap a photo of Hot FIESTA 
Finds and share them on social media with the hashtag #GOODWILLSAFIESTA
You have until April 25 To Submit your pictures.
Happy Goodwill Hunting!!!!!

So get to your nearest Goodwill and snap away..it's okay if people are watching
Let them know what you're doing , and anyone can join in the fiesta fun.
So let's go!!
Here are some of the finds that called out to me
As I roamed the aisles 
With some statement accessories this is a great versatile
Dress that springs into summer.

Could not resist this vintage dress 
Paired up with bright neons this is a killer look
Florals and Fiesta ...we go together.....
Tribal chic paired up with bright orange or turquoise 
Instant Fiesta...cha cha cha

Paired up with a tee shirt under or a mans undershirt
Festive skorts and sexy beaded wedges 
Paired up with a mans muscle tee...Hot!
Lightweight skirt with all the festive colors , the length 
Is important  paired with a sporty bra and sea blue heels
Where you want me?
Ethnic skirt with flair paired up with slip on heels 
Carnival Queen!
For the REBELS, this floral print skirt paired up ankle boots
Urban sprawl with fiesta spirit ...VIVA..
For the men.....
I didn't forget
The selection was a bit limited
I must have gotten there late.
But some fun did show up!

Tee shirts are always a HIT!

Festive socks are a nice fun detail...
For the more crafty souls, a great base to build a crazy Fiesta hat like no other
Go give it a try...
As you are leaving say Hi to the watershed warriors taking your plastic and providing you with 
A recycled and reusable bag..

Good luck and VIVA FIESTA 2014
I love the GOODWILL so #GOODWILLSAFIESTA all your images!

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