February 13, 2014

Terrific Thursdays images from Mi Vida ( last week )

Nice....A bird shit on my Southtown is dead tee, that I coined and Beau designed ...what does that mean!
Being called a "wetback , faggot " yesterday at the grocery store by this skanky black woman with a huge trampstamp  and a big trap, acting roguish in front of her child.
My only thing for being yelled at was I was in Her way, and didn't move quick enough..uhh

Self-portrait 1994.
Lately , well really a lot of the time , as I paid more attention, this goes back years
The cat pins from back n the day.  Thank God Juki is still with me and Zeus
Here with Jimmy my co-worker first Friday
Mira! Very steampunk , I'm really a good guy! Haha
La Jessica, being my muse in a ice house...keep it classy!
All gifts from friends & family
Making my own little promos is fun. Therapy for a eccentric mind.
My friend Sarah said it's all part of this retrograde going on...
To make us all feel better, Más Rudas , the Chicana art collective of Ruth Buentello, Mari Hernandez
Kristin Gamez and Sarah Castillo, my above mentioned friend, decided to throw at freestyle 
Dance party tonight ...Tonight @Hi-Tones.. $5 entry ..part of fundraising efforts to curate an awesome female
Chicana Latina art exhibit at Mexi-Arte in Austin
Lend a hand 
Hasta la Gloria

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