June 21, 2012

the kitty from outer space...

It's just a catchy title...no story yet// I saw MIB3, last night and actually liked it, so I've had the space alien on my mind. ODD.. not all day. I was a rough one at work, lots of moving and new inventory to put out, redecorate, remove, and replenish. I didn't get a lunch break TODAY...either..no mas tacos.
Though....I did manage to get away  for a 30 minute mini break with Bravo, as she rode her bike in , she had noticed a new "VINTAGE STORE" just a few blocks from our store and our imaginations ran wild..WE Had to go see "the Collective" a nice sized building that was selling and doing what I had done for almost 20  years  plus  it is right across the street from the church of Patricia Castillo...(love this woman and her P.E.A.C.E) ...We walk in CHiCharras ciccadas , very JR/ .....the owner turns out to be Racheal, a former customer of mine..she's doing it with other creatives...
we get in the car and Bravo turns to me and says" you little fucker those kids are following your footsteps, you taught those bitches how to do it"   hmmm maybe I did

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