May 4, 2010

why r u a blogger?

My friend who i met in San Antonio, she now lives in west texas persuing her education. Kristina was one of the awesome team that pulled off, S.A.S.S : San Antonio street styles during first fridays in early jive refried period, by yanking kids and random people off the sidewalk for their fashion sense and snapping their image for the jive refried archives. we have a whole collection of images, but can't  publish them as a whole yet, just snippets. Back to my point of Why I started a blog, initially it was just a new venue for images, that my dear friend Kimberly introduced me to on her site,, and she guided me to my first blog expierence.
It quickly turned to my fashion sense and an  interesting outlet for my own creations and garments
A place to show my side of the view , how things could be other things with  art and beauty, where only a creation away. a problem needed solving and I was the man for the plan , the guy that made something out of nothing...strong words for a kid who is only one generation away from the projects, the courts ,housing
our neighbor was looming grand benind us, Our Lady of the Lake. we could see it. but we were divided by a huge metal fence on a concrete slam with barbed -wire at the top.that made it difficult (that's a whole other story). but for now.....
Kristina has a paper due on fashion bloggers and I am suppose to be answering her questions, the first one being
Why did you start a blog? wait....
next question/

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