February 25, 2008

The mini-tour weekend

This weekend proved to be very exhausting yet exciting, with every gig the last 3 days requiring a certain vibe to the event, I, with my "roadie" Chip embarked on a journey through the cobbled streets of La Villita for the surprise Birthday party for the wife of a very prominent businessman, who owns several restaurants on the riverwalk. We were welcomed as guests and celebrated along with the fun crowd that danced almost all night with the birthday girl looking Smashing @ 50.
On Saturday, I was at the Jive Refried Vintage store, spinning new music from Besnard Lakes, Goldfrapp, Moldy Peaches mashed with 2001:Space Odyssey:music from the soundtrack, a worthwhile expierment that attracted attention from customers entering Rosario's a Popular mexican restuarant and not understanding what i was playing , in the first place,. Odd stares and several curiosity looks later, a few "southtowners" and friends who read this blog did make a stop to indulge in tequila and turtles.
And Sunday was the Tea Dance fundrasier for SAAF's Webb party at SOHO martini bar,
This being a all disco format music with a slant toward underground classics, just what i never get to play. Dust off those 12-inch vinyl extended mixes, I DID.!
Yet this crowd was so receptive of this genre that it brought people to the dj table to let me know that it had been 20 years since hearing some these songs and the memory floods were making them dance. It did help that the martini's were flowing "free" and everyone including me was indulging. I love apple martini's! The event was to end right as the telecast of the Academy awards was set to begin, BUT, as always ,
everyone was having such a great time that they asked me to extend the party for another hour.
Sure, at this point, several martini's later, I was also on the dance floor shaking my groove thing
My assistant Chip ended up finishing the set, and breaking down the equipment.
Then, I GOT A TICKET, for parking in a loading and unloading zone. I love Martini's.....not ticket fines.

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