October 3, 2007

"Border Crossers: Art in a Time of Crisis"

So, it is Official. I will be participating in "Border Crossers: Art in a time of crisis". A Performance piece with with many performers addressing the issue of the border and the people crossing them. My piece entitled "Run, chinitas". addressing the issue of gender-
based identity in a already male macho dominant world. Gay and running to reach the land of
milk and honey.

This takes place in San Antonio as part of "Los MaCaturos", Friday Oct.5th, 2007.
10am sharp. Jump-Start Theater, 108 Blue Star, Blue Star Arts Complex. Free.
I just learned also that Troy of Loft 120-2, at Blue Star, offered to document the
early morning event, with his keen artistic eye behind the camera, magic will happen.
and I will share with my blog readers the images captured, as they emerge.
photo- Jenny Guiffrida.

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